Academic - Academic Activities

Academic activity planned at the beginning of every academic year by August / September..

As per the University/ Board syllabus and regulations, Master Rotations, Clinical rotations and Curricular activities are planned and all the academic activities are followed as per the schedule.

Each students are given at most care by evaluating them throughout the academic year by continuous monitoring, regular internal tests in each subjects .

Regular seminars, workshops, Conferences and In-house lectures are arranged for the faculties and students to update their knowledge and skills in the particular area of concern.

Innovative teaching methods and simulation laboratory facilities provides rich opportunities for the students to explore their inner potentials.

Well planned extra curricular activities and encouraging students to participate in competitions of Intra house, university level, as well as state level gives them an opportunity to explore their talents and helps students in their over all development.

Regular meetings, Committee activities, Research and Developmental activities helps to stream line our academic activities.